IBOR is not just an acronym. It is the belief that you are better off keeping your own position data rather than relying on a service provider to record your trades; that by integrating position data across your firm, you can make light work of firm-wide reporting requirements for regulators and others; that by integrating data on positions and orders you will be better placed to see the true risk position of your funds at any time.

We are recognised experts on IBOR. We have implemented IBOR platforms and have spoken at several conferences on the topic. Our own software is based on an IBOR design that combines a primary, internal view of positions, based on an internal order-book and transaction records and a secondary, external view, based on an import of accounting data. These views are sometimes called IBOR and ABOR views. We provide reconciliation tools that highlight mis-bookings on either side, for both security and cash positions.

Our IBOR design is open and extensible. We are happy to share our insights and lend a hand to your efforts to create a top-class investment book of record. IBOR