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Ryedale delivers a cloud-based, full-service IT platform for serious investment businesses. Our software provides industry-leading support for model-driven and quantitative investment strategies, embracing index investments, smart-beta, custom indices, asset allocation, overlays and hedging.

Our customers include several globally recognized asset management firms and institutions, and a growing number of smaller asset managers who find our ‘Software as a Service’ to be cost-effective and a great fit to their needs.

Ryedale’s founders bring deep knowledge of the investment process, built from years as in-house software developers at top investment firms, whilst embracing the latest cloud technologies.

Our Purpose


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Our Management Team

Jon Rushman

Jon Rushman, CFA

Chief Executive Officer
Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly

Chief Technology Officer
Paul Rowbotham

Paul Rowbotham

Chief Operating Officer

Recent News and Insights

Planning and Executing Index Rebalance Trades

Planning and Executing Index Rebalance Trades

May 26, 2021

To accompany this year's busy index rebalancing period for managers of index funds, Jon Rushman, Ryedale’s CEO, looks at what is involved in rebalancing an index fund.

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Ryedale NAV Dashboard

Markets open in 20 minutes – but can you trust your NAV?

Dec 10, 2020

Many portfolio managers know the sense of trepidation. You're responsible for signing off the NAV of your fund. Your administrator has delivered a file. But can you trust it?

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Ryedale portfolio management platform

Ryedale Platform 4.0 Released!

Oct 26, 2020

Fourth-generation Ryedale Platform offers greater productivity for ETF managers and a customizable risk monitoring framework.

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